Friday, September 10, 2010

Illustrated: Canis Mordax

M0386 - M0387 - M0388
387. Canis Mordax. Cani, saepius homines mordenti, illigavit dominus nolam, scilicet ut sibi quisque caveret. Canis, ratus virtuti suae tributum hoc decus esse, populares omnes despicit. Accedit tandem ad hunc canem aliquis, iam aetate et auctoritate gravis, monens eum ne erret. “Nam ista nola,” inquit, “data est tibi in dedecus, non in decus.”

Canis Mordax  - Osius

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Osius images. You can see the dog misbehaving in the center and then wearing his bell of shame on the right.

M0387 = Perry332. Source: Barlow’s Aesop 25. This is Perry 332. Compare the story of the self-satisfied donkey, #248. For the famous story of the mice who wanted to put a bell on the cat, see #206.