Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Illustrated: Cera Lateri Invidens

M0752 - M0753 - M0754

753. Cera Lateri Invidens. Cera, videns se mollem et tractabilem, nimis dolebat conditionis suae vicem cupiebatque lateris cocti soliditate donari. Quod ut consequeretur, iecit se in fornacem ardentem. Sed, momento liquefacta et igne consumpta, documento fuit quemque in suo statu manere debere nec appetere quod sibi a Natura fuit negatum.


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M0753 = (not in Perry). Source: Irenaeus 86. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; it is based on Abstemius 54, and Perry omitted most of Abstemius’s fables. Compare the fable of the gnat who met his end in the fire, #699.

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