Monday, December 25, 2017

M0018: Leo et Catus

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18. Leo et Catus. Contigit quod animalia invitata sunt a leone ad magnum prandium. Fuit invitatus catus. Quaerebat leo quid libentius comederet, volens singulis satisfacere. Et ait catus, “Rattos et mures.” Cogitavit leo, “Nisi omnes haberent de hoc ferculo, esset villania.” Tandem facit venire ferculum generale de rattis, et catus optime comedit. Alii murmuraverunt, dicentes, “Fi, fi! Quid apponitur nobis?” Et totum prandium propter hoc maculatum est. Sic plerique faciunt magnum convivium; tandem sunt ibi quidam cati et nihil placet eis nisi habeant immundam ebrietatem, et gratia illorum omnes tam volentes quam nolentes retinentur usque ad noctem ut omnes possint inebriare.

Image Source: Cat eating mouse.

M0018 = Perry602. Source: Odo, Fable 35. This is Perry 602. For another story about incompatible dining preferences, see the story of the fox and the stork, #469.

18. The Lion and the Cat. It happened that the animals were invited by the lion to a great feast, including the cat. The lion asked what they would be pleased to eat, wanting to satisfy each one. And the cat said, "Rats and mice." The lion thought, "Unless they all partake of this dish, it would be bad manners." At last the lion brought forth a dish of rats for all the animals, and the cat ate contentedly. The other animals grumbled, saying, "Fi, fi! What dish is he serving us?" And thus the whole feast was spoiled. Thus it happens that people often prepare a great feast; but there are certain cat types and nothing pleases them unless they have a nasty drunken feast, and on account of them everyone, like it or not, are kept until nightfall at the feast with the result that they all get drunk.


  1. I've looked it up, fi really is Latin!

  2. Ha ha, all the words that are not words exactly. Yeah exclamations!