Thursday, November 25, 2010

Illustrated: Aquila et Sagitta

M0413 - M0414 - M0415
414. Aquila et Sagitta. Sagittarius in aquilam collimabat et, missa sagitta, confixit aquilam. Cumque, conversa ad sagittam, aquila eam quoque pennatam suis videret esse pennis, “Multis,” inquit, “suae propriae facultates et res insidias et periculum creant.”

Aquila et Sagitta

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M0414 = Perry276. Source: Aphthonius 32 (translated into Latin). This is Perry 276. Compare the fable of the thrush and the birdlime, #499, or the story of the trees arming their enemy, #725.

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