Saturday, November 27, 2010

Illustrated: Fortuna et Puer

M0812 - M0813 - English - M0814

813. Fortuna et Puer. Dormienti puero super os putei fertur astitisse Fortunam eumque excitasse dicendo, “Exsurge, O iuvenis, et abi hinc ocius. Novi enim genium hominum et tuum, quod si in puteum labereris, non te aut tuam secordiam, sed Fortunam incusabitis.”

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M0813 = Perry174. Source: Irenaeus 70. This is Perry 174. Compare the modern fable by the satirist Ambrose Bierce (from Fantastic Fables, 1899): “A weary Traveler who had lain down and fallen asleep on the brink of a deep well was discovered by Dame Fortune. ‘If this fool,’ she said, ‘should have an uneasy dream and roll into the well, men would say that I did it. It is painful for me to be unjustly accused, and I shall see that I am not.’ So saying, she rolled the man into the well.”