Monday, March 14, 2011

Image: Canes Duo et Os

M0349 - M0350 - M0351
350. Canes Duo et Os. Canes duo, Nero et Phylax, una invenerant eximium os. Uterque totum os postulat; rixa exardescit; postremo amici pugnam committunt. Fluebat solum sanguine. Tandem Phylax Neronem fugavit, exsultansque, ad locum ubi praedam reliquerant rediit. At aberat os. Canis prudentior id abstulerat, dum illi pugnabant.

M0350 (not in Perry). Source: Gildersleeve 6. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog. Compare the rhyming Latin proverb, Dum canis os rodit, socium quem diligit odit. For another fable about a fortunate third party, see the story of the lion, the bear and the fox, #132.