Friday, April 1, 2011

Image: Diogenes et Fastuosi

M0877 - M0878 - M0879

878. Diogenes et Fastuosi. Diogenes cum venisset Olympiam et Rhodiacos quosdam adolescentes videret pretiosis magnificisque vestibus amictos, cum risu inquit, “Hoc nihil est praeter fastus.” Deinde cum incideret in Lacedaemonios vilibus et sordidis tunicis, quas exomides vocant, amictos, “Hic,” inquit, “alius est fastus.”

M0878 (not in Perry). Source: Aelian, Historia 9.34. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; Perry did not use Aelian as a source. The garment called exomis in Greek was a sleeveless tunic worn by slaves and the poor. The ancient Spartans were famous for their severity and frugality, hence the English word “spartan.”

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