Saturday, April 2, 2011

Image: Salamandra et Musca

M0631 - M0632 - English - M0633

632. Salamandra et Musca. Salamandra, animal venenosum, cum semel esset in igne ubi aurum excoquebatur, loquitur ad muscam, dicens, “Cur angustia et periculo victum tuum adquiris? Venias ad me; dabo tibi aurum in abundantia ut victum habeas sine labore.” Musca vero, adquiescens, in medias flammas propter aurum se iniecit, et combusta est.

M0632 (not in Perry). Source: Odo, Parable 97. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; Perry was not systematic in his coverage of medieval sources. According to ancient animal lore, the salamander sustained itself by feeding on fire. Compare the fable of the gnat who perished in the flame of a lamp, #699.

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