Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Image: Scarabaei et Apes, Prandentes

M0693 - M0694 - M0695
694. Scarabaei et Apes, Prandentes. Apes semel invitaverunt scarabaeos ad prandium. Venerunt scarabaei, et, mensa posita, apposuerunt apes mel et favum. Scarabaei parum comederunt et avolaverunt. Iterum scarabaei invitaverunt apes; mensa posita, apposuerunt apibus fimum boum. Apes noluerunt gustare et recesserunt.

M0694 (not in Perry). Source: Odo, Fable 32. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; Perry was not systematic in his coverage of medieval sources. For another fable about a mismatched feast, see the story of the lion’s banquet, #17. For a story about a beetle who wanted to learn to make honey, see #693.