Monday, August 23, 2010

Illustrated: Ranae et Iuppiter

M0604 - M0605 - M0606
605. Ranae et Iuppiter. Ranae olim clamore magno regem petierunt a Iove. Ridet Pater Deorum atque magnum truncum e caelo in paludem deiicit. Subito motu aquarum sonoque perterritae, mergunt et latent in limo. Forte una profert e stagno caput et, explorato rege, cunctas evocat. Illae, timore posito, adnatant; mox petulans turba in truncum insilit. Alium regem postulant, quoniam inutilis esset qui fuerat datus. Tum Iuppiter misit ciconiam. Ea uno die magnum ranarum numerum dilacerat, iugulat, vivas alias devorat. Reliquae, mersae, lugent, flent, orant ut ab hac calamitate liberentur. Sed Deum non movent querelae ac lacrimae. “Benignum,” inquit, “et placidum regem non tulistis; iam ferum et barbarum fertote!” Minus perferte, maius ne veniat malum.


Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Crane images. I like the way you can see it all here: there's Jupiter, there's the log, and there is the deadly bird, decorated with a royal chain of gold, eating up its froggy subjects.

M0605 = Perry044. Source: Gildersleeve 14. This is Perry 44. The deadly king is sometimes a long-beaked water bird, as here, and in other versions, Jupiter sends a water snake to be the king of the frogs.

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