Sunday, October 10, 2010

Illustrated: Anus et Amphora

M0952 - M0953 - M0954

953. Anus et Amphora. Anus amphoram epotam iacere vidit, quae adhuc e testa nobili odorem iucundum, Falerna faece, late spargeret. Postquam avida totis naribus odorem traxit, “O suavis anima,” ait, “quale bonum in te dicam antehac fuisse, cum tales sint reliquiae!”

Anus et Amphora

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M0953 = Perry493. Source: Phaedrus 3.1 (adapted into prose). This is Perry 493. Falernian wine was the most prized wine of ancient Rome; it was made with grapes from Mt. Falernus in Campania.

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