Sunday, October 3, 2010

Illustrated: Apes, Fur, et Mellarius

M0678 - M0679 - M0680
679. Apes, Fur, et Mellarius. Cum forte abesset apium dominus, ingressus apiarium fur exsecuit favos et alvearia compilavit. Reversus mellarius, alvearibus inanibus repertis, ad illa constitit, dolens damno suo et quaerens secum quid ageret. Interea redeunt apiculae de pastu et in illum infestae involant, pungentesque aculeis suis pessime accipiunt hominem qui, iratus, “Sceleratae,” inquit, “animantes! Furem dimisistis intactum; me vero curatorem vestrum affligitis.”

Apes et Apiarius

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M0679 = Perry072. Source: Camerarius 84. This is Perry 72. Compare the man rebuking the sheep for being ungrateful, #844, or the story of the dog wrongly accused, #373.

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