Monday, November 8, 2010

Illustrated: Avara et Gallina

M0981 - M0982 - M0983

982. Avara et Gallina. Vidua habebat avem, quae ei quotidie unum pareret ovum. Largius ergo istam incepit alere, existimans fore ut, abundantius nutrita, duo pareret ova. Avis contra, nimiis alimentis facta obesior, ne unum quidem, ut antea, eniti potuit ovum. Qui maiora concupiscunt, parva quae possident saepissime solent amittere.

Mulier et Gallina Obesa

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M0982 = Perry058. Source: Syntipas 42 (translated into Latin). This is Perry 58. Compare the story of the goose and the golden eggs, #571.

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