Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Image: Coclea et Simia

M0643 - M0644 - M0645
644. Coclea et Simia. Coclea repperit speculum, quod, dum nimium fulgere vidisset, adamavit et, statim ascendens super eius orbem, coepit eum delingere. Nil vero speculo visa est contulisse, nisi ut splendorem salivis vel sordibus pollueret. Simia invenit speculum taliter inquinatum et ait, “Qui talibus se calcari permittunt, talia sustinere merentur.”

M0644 = Perry559. Source: Ademar 8. This is Perry 559. Compare the story of the girl gazing at herself in the water, #810.

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