Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Image: Papilio et Vespa

M0667 - M0668 - M0669
668. Papilio et Vespa. Papilio vespam prope volantem viderat. “O sortem iniquam,” ait; “dum vivebant corpora, quorum ex reliquiis animam nos accepimus, ego eloquens in pace, fortis proeliis, arte omni princeps inter aequales fui; en cuncta levitas putris et cinis volito. Tu, qui mulus clitellarius fuisti, aculeo infixo laedis quemcumque visum est.” At vespa dignam memoria vocem edidit: “Non qui fuerimus, sed qui nunc simus, vide.”

M0668 = Perry556. Source: Phaedrus, Perotti’s Appendix 6.31 (adapted into prose). This is Perry 556. According to ancient animal lore, wasps were born by spontaneous generation from the carcasses of dead mules or horses. Compare the story of the ant who was once a man, #650.

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