Wednesday, December 20, 2017

M0016: Leo, Vacca, Capra, et Ovis

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16. Leo, Vacca, Capra, et Ovis. Societatem aliquando iunxerant leo, vacca, capra, et ovis. Cervum permagnum cum cepissent, leo praedam divisit in quattuor partes aequales. Tum ita locutus est, “Prima pars mea est, quia sum leo; secundam mihi tribuetis, quia sum fortissimus; tertiam mihi sumo propter egregium laborem meum; quartam qui tetigerit, iram meam excitabit.” Sic totam praedam solus retinuit.

leo, vacca, capra et ovis

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the colored Steinhowel images. Notice the very red blood!

M0016 = Perry339. Source: Heidelberg 8. This is Perry 339. For another version of the “lion’s share,” see #31. See also the hypocrisy of the ruler of the wolf pack, #93.

16. Lion, Cow, She-Goat, and Sheep. A lion, cow, she-goat, and sheep once formed a union. When they had caught a very large stag, the lion divided the prize into four equal parts. Then he spoke as follows: The first part is mine because I am a lion; you will award the second part to me because I am the strongest; I take the third part for myself on account of my exceedingly hard work; who might touch the fourth part will arouse my wrath." Thus the lion alone took the whole prize.