Saturday, November 11, 2017

M0009. Leaena et Sus

M0008 - M0009  + English - M0010

9. Leaena et Sus. Sus et leaena litigabant ad invicem. Sus autem dixit leaenae, “Et tu, in quo te iactas, pro qua re tantam elevaris in superbiam? Labor tuus inanis est, et cum per annum unum labores, non potes habere nisi catulum unum. Ego fecunda et grata sum hominibus, et per duos quosque menses porto quattuordecim porcellos.” Respondit, “Verum est, sed tu paris porcellos, ego leonem.” Exemplum est verbosi, qui multa loquitur inutilia. Sapiens autem paucis contentus est verbis.

Image Source: Lioness and cub.

M0009 = Perry257. Source: Odo Appendix 3, Fable 25. This is Perry 257. Compare the debate between the dog and the sow about their litters, #343.

9. The Lioness and the Sow. A sow and a lioness were disputing with one another, and the sow said to the lioness, "And you, what are you boasting about? Why are you so puffed up with pride? Your fertility is pathetic; all year long you go into labor just once, and you don't have more than one cub. I am fertile, which is pleasing to the humans, and every two months I give birth to fourteen piglets." The lioness replies, "It's true, but you give birth to piglets, and I give birth to a lion." This is a lesson about someone who talks too much: he uses many words, but his words are pointless. A wise man, on the other hand, is satisfied with just a few words.