Friday, November 10, 2017

M0008. Leaena et Ursa

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8. Leaena et Ursa. Erat leaena duos habens catulos. Exit autem ad venandum et venit quidam venator et catulos occidit et cum ipsorum pellibus discessit. Hoc videns, leaena contristata valde flebat. Ursa vero, tristitiam eius videns, venit ad eam dixitque ei, “Cur tristaris?” Illa respondit, “Quia venator catulos meos interfecit.” Ursa dixit, “Noli tristari; desine flere, quia passa es quod fecisti. Dic mihi, quid his annis comedisti?” Leaena respondit, “Carnes animalium.” Dixit ursa, “Quis tibi dabat?” Et ipsa, “Ego capiebam.” Et ursa, “Animalia quae capiebas parentes habebant?” Et illa, “Habebant.” Ursa ait, “Sic de filiis tristabantur ut tu nunc de tuis, et ipsa passa es sicut tu faciebas.” Haec audiens, leaena siluit et paenituit et, carnes comedere desinens, fructus manducare incepit.

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M0008 = Perry414. Source: Liber Kalilae et Dimnae 14.143 (shortened). This is Perry 414. In Greek versions of the fable, it is a wild boar who rebukes the lioness. For a fable about the bear’s own hypocrisy, see #130.

8. The Lioness and the Bear. There was a lion who had two cubs. She went out hunting and a certain hunter came and killed the cubs and went off with their skins. When she saw this, the lioness was sad and wept bitterly. A bear, seeing her sadness, came to her and said, "Why are you sad?" She answered, "Because a hunter killed cubs." The bear said, "Don't be sad; stop weeping. The fact is that you have suffered what you have done to others. Tell me, what have you been eating all these years?" The lioness replied, "The flesh of animals." The bear said, "Who gave the food to you?" And she said, "I caught my own food." And the bear said, "And the animals that you caught, did they have parents?" And she said, "They did." The bear said, "They grieved for their children as you now do for yours, and you yourself have now suffered just as you did to others." Hearing these things, the lioness was silent, and she repented: she stopped eating meat, and began to munch on fruits instead.