Tuesday, November 7, 2017

M0007. Leo et Unicornis

M0006 - M0007 + English - M0008

7. Leo et Unicornis. Leo, fingens se infirmum, obviavit, claudicans, unicorni, adversario suo capitali et salutato eo dixit, “Qualitercumque actum fuerit inter nos hactenus, remittatur hinc inde, quod ego ulterius nulli nocere potero, prout vides, senio et variis incommodis debilitatus. Sed multum affectarem semel loqui cum coniuge mea, quae est in deserto, ante meam mortem et peterem a te ut accommodare mihi velis cornu tuum pro podio habendo in itinere, quia satis longum et forte est. Tibi remittam illud quam cito ad coniugem pervenero, et ad hoc tibi do fidem meam.” Unicornis vero, dictis eius omnibus credens et ipsius confictae miseriae compatiens, commodavit cornu suum et sic remansit inermis. Leo vero, modicum progrediens, fecit insultum in unicornem et, proprio cornu graviter vulnerans, devicit eum.

Image Source: Wikipedia. This is the lion and the unicorn as shown on the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom.

M0007 = Perry645. Source: Sheppey 65 (shortened). This is Perry 645. Compare the lion’s attempt to get the bull to set aside his horns, #294. Read a Fabula Facilis version of this fable.

The Lion and the Unicorn. The lion, pretending that he was ill, came limping up to the unicorn, his chief adversary, and after greeting him, he said, "Whatever may have transpired between us so far, let that be now set aside, because I cannot manage to do you any further harm, as you can see, being worn out by old age and various illnesses. But I deeply desire to speak one last time with my wife, who is away in the desert, before my death, and I'm asking you to loan me your horn to use to as something to lean on while I travel because it is quite long and strong. I will give it back to you as soon as I reach my wife, I pledge you my word." The unicorn, trusting in the lion's words and feeling sympathy for his feigned sorrow, loaned the lion his horn and was thus left defenseless. The lion walked a little ways, and then he leaped on the unicorn and seriously wounded him with his own horn, thus defeating him.