Friday, August 27, 2010

Illustrated: Lepus, Canis, et Caprarius

M0169 - M0170 - M0171
170. Lepus, Canis, et Caprarius. Ex fruticeto leporem villosipedem quem excitaverat, insequebatur canis, venandi non imperitus. Cursu tamen fuit impar, et caprarius quidam dixit per iocum, “Quantula bestia reperta fuit te velocior?” Cui canis, “Currit aliquis aliter alium rapere qui cupit, et aliter alium qui ex malo servat.”

Lepus, Canis et Caprarius

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Harrison Weir images.You can see the rabbit off in the distance.

M0170 = Perry331. Source: Babrius 69 (translated into Latin prose). This is Perry 331. For a less swift-footed rabbit, see the race with the turtle, #637.

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