Saturday, September 18, 2010

Illustrated: Testudo, Aquila, et Corvus

M0635 - M0636 - M0637
636. Testudo, Aquila, et Corvus. Aquila testudinem rapuit et alto caelo cum ea volavit; testudo, intra se collectus, nullo pacto frangi potuit. Contra volans cornix, verbis aquilam laudans, “Optimam,” inquit, “fers praedam, sed nisi ingenio utaris, frustra portabis onus, nec utilis erit tibi haec praeda.” Tunc aquila illi partem praedae promisit ut illi consuleret. At cornix tale dedit consilium et ait, “Usque ad astra volato et ab alto super petram praeda tua cadat, ut testa frangatur testudinis, et nos esca fruemur.” Hoc iniquo consilio cornicis periit testudo, quam Natura forti concha munierat.

Aquila, Corvus et Testudo

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M0636 = Perry490. Source: Steinhowel 1.14. This is Perry 490. There are two distinctly different versions of this story: in this version, the focus is on how the otherwise well-protected turtle is finally defeated, but in other versions the emphasis is on how the crow outwits the eagle, stealing the food before the eagle can get there. For a similar trick, see the story about the vulture, the fox and an oyster, #43.

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