Thursday, July 28, 2011

Image: Pulex et Bos

M0699 - M0700 - M0701

700. Pulex et Bos. Pulex sic olim bovem interrogavit, “Quid causae est quod tu, qui tam magnus ac fortis es, hominibus quotidie inservias, dum ego eorum carnes acriter vellico et sanguinem hianti ore bibo?” “Ego,” bos ait, “in hominum genus ingratus non sum; ipsi enim ingenti amore atque benevolentia continuo me excipiunt ac frequenter mihi frontem atque humeros fricant.” Tum pulex, ad haec respondens, “At mihi,” ait, “misero contrarium fit; nam si ab illis ego fricarer, id mihi mortem funestissimam compararet.”

M0700 = Perry273. Source: De Furia 382. This is Perry 273. For a story about an insect being crushed by a human hand, see the bald man and the fly, #684.

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