Saturday, August 21, 2010

Illustrated: Ranae Duae et Puteus

M0610 - M0611 - M0612
611. Ranae Duae et Puteus. Ranae duae in palude quadam degebant. Aestivis autem diebus cum arefacta palus esset, ea relicta, sibi aliam quaesiverunt. Nec longius progressae, profundum puteum invenere. Altera itaque, ut eo una descenderent, proponebat; sed altera “Verum,” inquit, “si hic etiam aqua defecerit, quonam pacto remeare poterimus?”

Ranae Duae et Puteus

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M0611 = Perry043. Source: De Furia 38. This is Perry 43. For the dangers of getting stuck inside a well, see the story of the rabbit, #176, or of the fox and the goat, #327.

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